Users and Teams        

Set your business structure in just a few clicks

It doesn’t matter whether you work with a few colleagues or within a large organization. Salesinteract is suitable for both flat and hierarchical business. When setting up Salesinteract, choose how your organizational structure looks like and select the departments of team composition that is being used.

Rights defined via levels

Depending on the organizational structure and selected composition, Salesinteract will immediately generate different user roles and their associated rights. As an account manager, you can manage your own customer portfolio, contact history, interactive dashboard and documentation. And as a manger, you can enter the appropriate settings for various tasks, upload important documentation and manage umbrella statistics. Add new users to Salesinteract or assign account managers to the appropriate department or team.

Accurate insight into each department or team

Setting the right settings ensures that you as a manager get an accurate view of recent performance per department or team. By registering all users, departments and teams, you can easily track sales and see who’s achieving the best results.

Challenge each other in teams

Salesinteract offers you the opportunity to compete with one another. Fight against each other in different teams and take advantage of your sales skills to become the best account manager of the organization. By competing with each other at individual or team level, sales are a lot more fun and challenging. Adding a game element to your daily activities results in better sales performance.