Targets & Goals    

Provide account managers with challenge and insight

Determine goals and set goals for each month. Get instant insight into the performance of different departments or account managers on an individual level.

Easily provide different targets for each department

Do you work with an internal/external sales team, or do you deal with different levels of account managers? Then you often have to deal with different goals and targets. Through Salesinteract, you can easily set the targets for each specific department. Determine the monthly sales revenue, the amount of new customers that has to be recruited or the number of deals they need to close.

Get instant insight into the state of affairs

After setting all targets, Salesinteract will track in real-time to what extent they have been achieved. The statistics overview shows the progress of a department or team, as well as on an individual level per account manager. Through the dashboard, an account manager sees what his goals are and how he’s performing individually. In addition, he can see how he performs compared to the others.

Respond to developments

Does a department seem to fail the expectations or do you think an account manager is lagging behind? Thanks to the statistics, you have the ability to immediately take action. In addition, the set targets and past results provide a great criterion for determining and setting new targets in the future.