Statistics and Reports    

Gain insight and increase your sales

Use statistics and reports to get instant access to the performance of your organization. Zoom in on a more detailed level to get the most out of your sales and draw your conclusions.

The most important stats on your dashboard

View the most important metrics on your dashboard. Salesinteract provides relevant real-time data in the form of tables and graphs. Depending on your user role, Salesinteract displays statistics that are of interest to you. This way, you get instant access to your personal achievements and important developments within the organization.

Stimulate sales by insight

Optimize your sales by responding to your customer’s behaviour. Salesinteract tracks the behaviour of all of your customers, so that you immediately know which pages they visit, whether they viewed any documents or quotes and how often this happened. By fully understanding your customer’s behaviour, it is possible to switch faster in order to realize more sales.

Strive for the optimal result

Through the real-time statics, you are continuously stimulated to strive for optimal results. Whereas an account manager gains immediate insight into his personal performance in comparison to that of his colleagues, a manager will see how his account managers are in relation to each other. Account managers are thus continuously challenged to give the best of themselves, while managers can intervene where necessary. This way, every user is on top of the facts without having to hear what the results are afterwards.