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We are pleased to announce that after an independent review, FinancesOnline has awarded Salesinteract 2 Awards for Rising Star and Great User Experience 2018 for our online interactive sales crm. FinancesOnline is a popular SaaS rating platform that helps people choose the right SaaS solution for themselves and their businesses. Click here to read the review about Salesinteract.

It has been a wild journey since the start of Salesinteract began in 2018.

The team is honored to be recognized by FinancesOnline. We have a number of big plans ahead for this year. Would you like to try out Salesinteract? Then register here and try us out free for 30 days.

About the Awards

FinancesOnline commends SaaS solutions that provide an exceptionally pleasing user experience with its Great User Experience award. Factors that contribute to this recognition include ease of use, well-designed interface, and intuitive features for facilitating work processes. This recognition can be given to software solutions on any given category, such as Salesinteract in the 15 best sales software by FinancesOnline. Meanwhile, those that receive the Rising Star award have proved beneficial and reliable to real product users as referenced by their highly positive feedback from clients.

FinancesOnline’s experts derived their rating and awards for our advanced sales software with the help of their unique SmartScore System and Customer Satisfaction Algorithm. The former helps their experts create objective reviews by analyzing features that matter to users, such as main functionality, collaboration features, customization, and integration, among others. Meanwhile, their Customer Satisfaction Algorithm collects the opinion of users from across the internet to determine the general consensus of users about a product.

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