What is a Sales Pipeline

A sales pipeline is a view that allows you to track and manage long and sometimes complex sales processes.

You can see how many deals are still open, at what stage they are located, where you need to focus your attention, and whether the goals can be achieved.


Always Know Where Your Sales Are Parked

It’s vital to know exactly where your sales are getting stalled. With a closing date indicator to give warnings on overdue deals, sales managers are offered a clear and overall view of the sales team’s performance. The closing date indicator also highlights areas which require extra attention, or an extra push forward.

With the combination of your experience, plus intelligent sales pipeline software, you and your sales team are ready to manage any sales situation easily, correctly, and with the right results. CRM pipeline management adds functionality to experience. This combination makes your entire sales mechanism seamless, and effortless.


Your sales pipeline CRM software can give you a simple and highly visual means of moving deals through your entire sales process. Salesinteract simplifies that movement with a simple drag and drop feature, moving deals manually – and quickly – from one stage to the next. As a really great tool for sales management, drag and drop gives you a visual representation of all your sales, in one place.