Quotation Management    

Increase your productivity with a consistent quotation process

Easily manage all of your quotes via Salesinteract. Through the dashboard, you can immediately see what proposals you have made, what their status is and what actions your customers have taken.

Streamline your offerings

Sending quotes should be as easily as possible, without making any mistakes. The quotation management of Salesinteract prevents mistakes and ensures that all account managers send quotes in the same way. Simply upload the submitted quotations and enter the suggested amount. After entering an internal note and adding the next date of contact, the quotation can be sent to the client. The quote is stored directly in Salesinteract, and your customer immediately receives an update via e-mail.

View the status of a quotation and receive notifications

When a quote has been sent through Salesinteract, its status will be tracked in real-time. You can easily consult the status of a quotation through a contact or by consulting the dashboard for all sent quotes. You immediately receive a notification once a customer has viewed the quotation or did anything else. This way, you can decide whether you need to take any further actions.

Set automatic quotation reminders

Save time and stay alert to your prospects and customers by sending automatic reminders about outstanding quotations. This way, contacts automatically receive updates regarding the expiry of the validity of a quote. Trigger prospects and customers to agree on the offer or immediately take action when your quotation is refused.