Message Management

Centralize all communication exchanges in one system. Receive notifications when a customer sent a message

Salesinteract assigns all messages to the right customer profile and keeps you up-to-date in real-time about the latest communication.

All messages combined into a single overview

Never lose sight of online communication exchanges and view the status of your messages at a glance. The message management module of Salesinteract collects all communication exchanges that were sent by e-mail or through the Salesinteract environment. Easily answer questions, attach documents or go directly to the profile of a prospect or customer in case you need more background info.

Easily assign e-mail messages

Avoid your e-mail communication ending up in the wrong place. Thanks to Salesinteract, tracking individual and different mailboxes is completely unnecessary. Incoming e-mails from customers are automatically forwarded to Salesinteract. The e-mail is then assigned to the relevant customer and related account manager.

Increase interaction with your customer

Reduce the threshold for customers to contact you with any questions or concerns. Through the integrated messaging module, customers can read their entire message exchange and respond easily. Thanks to the simple set up of the message dashboard, customers feel more comfortable to contact you without having to take extra action such as creating an e-mail in their mailbox.

Receive notifications of new messages

Make sure that you can provide information to your customers as soon as possible. You are immediately notified when a customer asks a question or responds to one of your previous messages.