What is Salesinteract?

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Did you know that even with today’s CRM’s, 48% of sales people still never follow

up with a prospect?

And 25% of sales people stop after the second contact? That’s because today’s

CRM’s still don’t take advantage of your sales conversations; they lost sight of the



With Salesinteract, salespeople will be able to see insights such as when a client

reads a presentation and how many times. On the other end, prospects will have

valuable information such as a callback time from their salesperson.

Salesinteract is a never-before-seen CRM system that helps salespeople work

more efficiently and see better sales results in shorter times.

Some of the features of Salesinteract include centralizing all communication

exchanges, optimize the quote process, automating contact interaction, and more.

Salesinteract brings structure to the sales process, makes your sales insightful,

lets employees work more efficiently and challenges you to achieve the best results

for the organization,” said the Salesinteract team.

The company will be offering free trials for the first few salespeople who sign up.


About Salesinteract

Salesinteract offers a brand new tool for seamlessly connecting salespeople and


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