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Salesinteract is a sales crm system that involves interaction

with the prospect and the customer to be involved in the sales process.



Here you can see the real-time personal statistics of the seller or your own.

These include the tasks and on which day they expect follow-up.

On the right an agenda in which the tasks are visible and when they expect followup.

Tasks that are late are always displayed in red.

Every day the Admin / Manager receives an e-mail with statistics from the company

users who work with the system.




This is only visible to the Admin / managers.

Here the teams (if present) are compared

Top 3 best sellers – most active (most task-oriented) users – Users that need extra

attention (minimum sales) – most expired tasks – most outstanding offers –

closed quotations – Best viewed files shared by the organization and how often




Quick overviews:

This is only visible to the Admin / managers.

Here you can see the personal statistics of all users of the system.

It is clear how many leads, prospects and customers there are per seller.

Which tasks have been used and a representation of the history.

By clicking “View as” next to the user’s name, Admin / Manager will display the


at that moment seeing the user and can look through his system.




Here you will find an overview of the companies and contacts that belong to you.


My team


Here you will find an overview of the current users.

At the top right, the Admin / Manager can add a new user.

If you add a user, they will receive an e-mail with a link.

After clicking on the link, they will be prompted for a password

so they can login.


My team


Here you can organize your users in a team and choose a team leader.

It is also possible to put together a new team by clicking “New team” in the upper left




Shared files:

Here an Admin / Manager can create folders and add files so the users

can share this with their prospects and customers. The system keeps track of each


how often this has been viewed.



Company details:



Maximum delay tasks:

Salesinteract works with tasks that expect a certain follow-up time.

For each task you can specify the maximum number of days for which a task can be



These days can be adjusted here.


Quotation settings:

Here you can set how long a quotation is valid via the system. This setting is then of

apply to all offers.


Leads – Prospects – Customers

In SalesInteract we use leads.

These are “cold” contacts that can be entered.

If no e-mail address is known for these leads, there will still be a follow-up task

created so that these can never be forgotten.

A call-back task is automatically created.

When an e-mail address is known about a suspect, it is possible to do a number of


choose a follow-up.

For example, when a presentation is shared or a callback appointment is chosen,

the prospect or customer gets notified by e-mail.

If a suspect clicks on the link in the mail he receives he will be automatically

promoted to

prospect in the system. The sales user gets a push notification of this.


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