Customer Overview

All information in one overview

Create and maintain a full list of all your suspects, prospects and customers from the first moment of contact. Through the CRM of Salesinteract, you get a complete insight into the communication history between you and the suspect, prospect or customer.

Optimize your customer portfolio

Optimal customer management is highly rewarding, resulting in more sales in less time. Thanks to Salesinteract, you are always up-to-date regarding all information that is relevant so that you can effectively realize sales. The page gives you instant access to all important data such as contact information, communication history, quotation history, (internal) notes, shared documents and the next scheduled contact moment.

Monitor the behaviour of your prospect or customer

Thanks to the interactive character of Salesinteract, you always have immediate insight into the behaviour of your prospects and customers. From the moment that a new suspect reacts to an e-mail of your organisation, its status will evolve to prospect and all of its actions will be measured through Salesinteract. This way, you can immediately see when and how often a message, quote or document has been viewed.