Contact Management

Focus on the customer and sales

Focus fully on achieving sales targets and let Salesinteract do the other work. Salesinteract ensures optimal contact management between you and your contacts. This way, you are assured that your contacts receive sufficient attention on the right moments.

Never forget a contact again

Salesinteract ensures that you’ll never forget any (potential) customers ever again. Immediately after new contact has been added to the CRM system, it is directly assigned to an account manager. The contact management module is then automatically enabled. This module automatically streamlines contact moments to promote efficient work. This way, every account manager works according to the same principles. You can now completely focus on building an optimal relationship with your client and realizing sales.

Let Salesinteract determine the contact moments

Save time planning your contact moments and spend more attention to your contacts and sales. Thanks to the automatic contact management module of Salesinteract, you never have to think about scheduling the right contact moments. The contact management module determines a term for the next contact moment, based on your previous actions. This way, you are assured that every contact receives the right attention in order realize sales faster.

Get instant access to scheduled contact moments

Through the Salesinteract dashboard, you immediately gain insight into the contact sessions that are scheduled for the coming days. Here you can see at a glance; which persons you need to contact, what status your contact has (suspect, prospect, customer) and what your last result was. Consult a contact’s activity log in one click and you’ll immediately see what the latest

Receive important notifications

Automatically receive notifications of developments when contacts viewed a quote, consulted documentation or sent a message. Salesinteract keeps you informed about developments between you and all your contacts through real-time notifications. This way, you are close to the fire and can take action immediately if necessary.

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