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Are the sales statistics from your team correct?

The internet is a powerful medium that has an equally sacred and affable reputation as a source of research. More often, news reports have to be corrected because information has been based on unconfirmed foundation. Innocent information is also often accepted unthinkingly. How many famous quotes from others have already been put to the name […]

Sales Objections

Sales Objections About Price and Budget 1. “It’s too expensive.” Price objections are the most common type of objection, and are even voiced by prospects who have every intention of buying. Beware — the moment you start focusing on price as a selling point, you reduce yourself to a transactional middleman. Instead, circle back to […]


SALESINTERACT RECEIVES THE FIRST AWARDS! We are pleased to announce that after an independent review, FinancesOnline has awarded Salesinteract 2 Awards for Rising Star and Great User Experience 2018 for our online interactive sales crm. FinancesOnline is a popular SaaS rating platform that helps people choose the right SaaS solution for themselves and their businesses. […]