Does your CRM consists of excel sheets and post-its? No overview, everyone does it their own way, is that prospect called, what about that quote … The good news: Salesinteract solves it all for you.

Do you also want more grip on your Prospects and Customers?

  • Your customers feels #1 again

Do you also want more insight into your sales team?

  • Your sales results will rise

Does your sales wants more grip on their Prospects and Customers?

  • There communication will improve and are more motivated

Do you ask yourself what are the pains your sales rep meets day in and day out?
What are the payoffs to them if they get these problems solved?
Are they motivated?

Sales representative?
What are your pains you meet day in and day out?
What are the payoffs if you got these problems solved?
Are you motivated?

Some features of our Interaction


Real Time Push Notifications

Automatically receive notifications of developments when contacts viewed a quote, consulted documentation or sent a message. Salesinteract keeps you informed about developments between you and all your contacts through real-time notifications. This way, you are close to the fire and can take action immediately if necessary.

Real Time Communication

Real Time Communication (like WhatsApp).

You can communicate with your relations 1-on-1 in the communication center, which can create an even more personal bond.

Real Time Sales Statistics

View the most important metrics on your dashboard. Salesinteract provides relevant real-time data in the form of tables and graphs. Depending on your user role, Salesinteract displays statistics that are of interest to you. This way, you get instant access to your personal achievements and important developments within the organization.