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Why do you need Salesinteract?


of Sales people never follow up with a Prospect


of Sales people make a second contact and stop


of Sales people only make three contacts and stop

With Salesinteract this is history!

Salesinteract is a never-before-seen CRM system that helps salespeople work more efficiently and see better sales results in shorter times.

First Positive CRM system

Salesinteract motivates sales users when they are behind and even when they are in front of there target. Managers are also motivated where results can not always be measured by the position one has but by the obstacles which they have overcome.

Automate contact moments

Make sure customer get the attention they deserve. Salesinteract automatically streamlines different contact moments, so that you never forget about a customer.

Keep track of your customers on every level

Create and maintain complete overview of all your suspects, prospects and customers. Interact with them and closely follow their actions.

Optimize the quotation process

Never forget to send out a quote and keep eye on the status of your quotations at a glance.

Centralize all communication exchanges

Cluttered and splashed communication storage is in the past. Salesinteract combines all communication into one system.

Manage users and teams in a single overview

Add users and create teams. Challenge colleagues and analyse individual sales performance.

Unambiguous communication towards the customer

Centrally store business documents to promote efficient and professional work.

Determine your goal and achieve the best result

Challenge account managers by setting targets and taking timely action to achieve goals.

Generate more revenue

Use statistics and reports to get more insight into the results. Train your team and get even better.

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Salesinteract in short

Salesinteract is an interactive CRM that involves your relations in the entire sales process. As a user of Salesinteract you work from a clear dashboard where you can follow up tasks in a very easy and quick way and you can share presentations with your relations. Important push notifications illuminate your dashboard when your relations are promoted to prospect or customer and when your shared files are viewed and how often. Your relations automatically get their own dashboard where they see information from your company, your presentations / files / offers you have shared with them. You can communicate with your relations 1-on-1 in the communication center, which can create an even more personal bond. When targets are set, Salesinteract will suggest motivational quotes based on your progress to help you further.

In short: Salesinteract is the first positive interactive sales CRM that provides convenience, more involvement, but is also a system that's just fun to work with.

Oh and Salesinteract is completely free for the first salesuser.