Sales CRM

Does your CRM consists of excel sheets and post-its? No overview, everyone does it their own way, is that prospect called, what about that quote … The good news: Salesinteract solves it all for you.

Do you also want more grip on your Prospects and Customers?

  • Your customers feels #1 again

Do you also want more insight into your sales team?

  • Your sales results will rise

Does your sales wants more grip on their Prospects and Customers?

  • There communication will improve and are more motivated

Do you ask yourself what are the pains your sales rep meets day in and day out?
What are the payoffs to them if they get these problems solved?
Are they motivated?

Sales representative?
What are your pains you meet day in and day out?
What are the payoffs if you got these problems solved?
Are you motivated?

Some features of our Interaction


Real Time Push Notifications

Automatically receive notifications of developments when contacts viewed a quote, consulted documentation or sent a message. Salesinteract keeps you informed about developments between you and all your contacts through real-time notifications. This way, you are close to the fire and can take action immediately if necessary.

Real Time Communication

Real Time Communication (like WhatsApp).

You can communicate with your relations 1-on-1 in the communication center, which can create an even more personal bond.

Real Time Sales Statistics

View the most important metrics on your dashboard. Salesinteract provides relevant real-time data in the form of tables and graphs. Depending on your user role, Salesinteract displays statistics that are of interest to you. This way, you get instant access to your personal achievements and important developments within the organization.

Contact management

Focus on the customer and sales

Focus fully on achieving sales targets and let Salesinteract do the other work. Salesinteract ensures optimal contact management between you and your contacts. This way, you are assured that your contacts receive sufficient attention on the right moments.

Centralize All Communication

Cluttered and splashed communication storage is in the past. Salesinteract combines all communication into one system.

Salesinteract assigns all messages to the right customer profile and keeps you up-to-date in real-time about the latest communication.

Determine Your Goals and Best Results

Challenge account managers by setting targets and taking timely action to achieve goals.

Determine goals and set goals for each month. Get instant insight into the performance of different departments or account managers on an individual level.

Keep Track of Your Customers

All information in one overview

Create and maintain a full list of all your suspects, prospects and customers from the first moment of contact. Through the CRM of Salesinteract, you get a complete insight into the communication history between you and the suspect, prospect or customer.

Manage Users and Teams

Add users and create teams. Challenge colleagues and analyse individual sales performance.

It doesn’t matter whether you work with a few colleagues or within a large organization. Salesinteract is suitable for both flat and hierarchical business. When setting up Salesinteract, choose how your organizational structure looks like and select the departments of team composition that is being used.

Generate More Revenue

The most important stats on your dashboard

Use statistics and reports to get more insight into the results. Train your team and get even better.
View the most important metrics on your dashboard. Salesinteract provides relevant real-time data in the form of tables and graphs.

Optimize The Quotation Process

Never forget to send out a quote and keep eye on the status of your quotations at a glance.

Easily manage all of your quotes via Salesinteract. Through the dashboard, you can immediately see what proposals you have made, what their status is and what actions your customers have taken.

Unambiguous Communcation Towards the Customer

Centrally store business documents to promote efficient and professional work.

Optimize your communication towards customers and ensure that each account manager has access to important documentation about the organization, services or products. Salesinteract makes sure that communication exchanges are unambiguously directed towards customers.

Salesinteract supports, automates and unburdens

Salesinteract motivates sales users when they are behind and even when they are in front of their target.

Managers are also motivated where results can not always be measured by the position one has but by the obstacles which they have overcome.

24/7 Support

You got any issues? Get in touch!

Salesinteract is the first positive interactive sales CRM that provides convenience, more involvement, but is also a system that’s just fun to work with.


1: Real Time statistics what you are doing


2: Overview of your Tasks


3: Calendar with Office 365 integration


4: Real Time Push notifications from your Prospects and Customers.

Salesinteract is an interactive CRM that involves your relations in the entire sales process. As a user of Salesinteract you work from a clear dashboard where you can follow up tasks in a very easy and quick way and you can share presentations with your relations. Important push notifications illuminate your dashboard when your relations are promoted to prospect or customer and when your shared files are viewed and how often.

Your relations automatically get their own dashboard where they see information from your company, your presentations / files / offers you have shared with them. You can communicate with your relations 1-on-1 in the communication center, which can create an even more personal bond. When targets are set, Salesinteract will suggest motivational quotes based on your progress to help you further.

Can’t get enough?
Here are some features!

  • Full CMS
  • Manage Suspects
  • Manage Prospects
  • Manage Customers
  • Full Interaction
  • Smart Push Notifications
  • Unlimited Email Notifications
  • No Plugins needed
  • Attachement Tracking
  • Contact Communication History
  • Collaborated Communication History
  • Storage 10GB
  • Share Presentations & Documents
  • Document Tracking
  • Open Tracking
  • All Essential File Type Support
  • Office 365 Integration
  • Dropbox, Google Drive, etc Integration
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Manage users: Unlimited
  • Manage Teams: Unlimited
  • Manage Managers
  • Live Chat
  • Live Support

But be Aware!…

It has been found that only companies with such a driven sales team who dare to work with the Salesinteract philosophy shall succeed.

These company’s and sales people see the benefits of interaction and openness of how they work.

If you do not want to show how your sales process is progressing and your sales people do not want you to see all their sales activities then there are plenty of other CRM systems that accept this.

Real support by real people

We offer the best support and service you can imagine. Use our support if you got any question and our team will respond, thats for sure!

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